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Our problem with spammers...

Starting in October 2008, the messageboard came under siege from spammers and "bots" trying to create accounts so that automated programs could post messages all day and all night. This is suddenly a widespread problem as spammers have both cracked the gmail capcha (those graphic letters websites ask you to enter back in to prove you are a human) and developed tools to automatically find and enroll in many types of forums.

What we've done to prevent it...

We have found that our only effective defense for this is to moderate the creation of new accounts for members. We currently see 20-40 new account creation attempts per day, all of which are bogus and contain some less than family friendly links in the profiles.

Effective immediately and until we can come up with a more elegant fix, all new user accounts will need to be approved before being able to post. This will allow us to prevent the spammers from flooding our board with porno and viagra ads.

If you are a new member trying to create an account...

Please proceed with creating your forum account as the instructions ask you. As soon as you are done creating your account, please email me directly with the login name you have selected. (address below) By emailing me directly, I'll know to look out for your login name and not delete it when I purge off the bogus accounts.

I will try my best to get you enrolled as soon as possible. Because it is a manual process, it may take a day or so in the event I am away from the computer, but don't let this delay prevent you from enrolling. We have a great community and we'd love to have you join up!


Shoot me an email!

How to get a hold of me...

I'm Greg - since spambots can read posts, I'll make this a little cryptic - you can figure it out though.

I am "gustergerm" and my account is at gmail (dot) com

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